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Juniper Clean Surface Cleaning Wet Wipes

Juniper Clean surface cleaning wet wipes are useful cleaning multi surfaces area easily. It does not contain bleach. Our wipes are textured for effective cleaning. Available for private label wet wipes manufacturer projects. We have various packaging options for surface cleaning wipes. These are Canister, Flowpack ,and Bucket.

• Textured for Effective Cleaning
• Lint Free and Durable Wipes
• Removes dirt and grease
• Easy Surface Cleaning without Water
• Available for Private Label and Contract Manufacturing

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Private Label Multi Surface Cleaners Manufacturer

Surface cleaning wet wipes are available for manufacturing private label surface cleaning wet wipes. Private Label wet wipes projects give you opportunity of adding this surface cleaning wet wipes to your product portfolio. If private labelling is not working for you, we are here to help you in wholesale wet wipes division.

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