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Frequently Asked Questions about Private Label Wet Wipes Manufacturing Projects

You can find the most asked questions and answers about private label wet wipes manufacturing and wholesale on this page. 

blank packaging wet wipes pouch isolated on gray background. Juniper Clean Surface Sanitizer with Bleach Private Label wet wipes and household cleaners manufacturer
  • Do you have a minimum order of quantity on your products?
    Yes, we have a minimum order of quantity. MOQ is different for each product.
  • If we give you a product as a sample, can you create a new one with similar features?"
    Yes, we can create any products as per your specifications. We have an on-site laboratory for research and developing new products for our clients.
  • Are your wipes biodegradable?
    <font>Not all wipes are biodegradable but we have various biodegradable wipes at our tray.</font>
  • Do you have workers under 18 years old?
    No, we have strict rules. All of our codes is regulated by Sedex
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