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About Corporation

Neva Global is a part of the KYNC  group.​ Neva is your resource for a wide range of Turkish-made, high-quality, competitively priced, private label consumer products. Neva Group is one of Turkey’s most influential and successful manufacturing conglomerates.

We specialized in contract manufacturing and private labeling on all kinds of wet wipes, household cleaning, and personal care products. We proudly serve our brand Juniper Clean to the global market.

Facilities and Capacity

We have two headquarters and, two corporate offices. One of our headquarter is located in Teaneck, New Jersey, the other one and our state-of-the-art facility is in Istanbul.

Our Corporate offices are located in Amsterdam, Holland, and Maputo, Mozambique.

Our production capacity;


for canister wet wipes is 15.000.000 pieces per month.

for flowpack wet wipes is 5.000.000 pieces per month.

for pocket-size flowpack is 3.000.000 pieces per month.

for detergent/ liquid filling 8.000.000 pieces in 750 ml bottles.

We will be happy to assist you with all aspects of your Made in Turkey experience…from branding to design to packaging to distribution. We invite you to discover the potential for boosting your business!

Meet The Ceo


Ahmet Koyuncu

Co-founder & CEO

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Notes From The Ceo

Why Neva?

Our priority is understanding what our clients are demanded and expected from us to serve them more effectively and efficiently to keep their satisfaction level at the highest. 

We consider time as the most valuable thing in the world and, we care about your time and serve you with our great experienced, and dynamic team to shorten time periods between procedures.

We are well experienced in running our facilities for years, this means that there is a minimum amount of errors that you have to pay for. Our team is highly skilled and dedicated workers that you do not risk your money. 

Our strategy is keeping losses at a minimum level and increasing our outputs at the same time to maximize our efficiency and profitability in and after production.


  • Trustworthiness and Reliability

  • Hygiene

  • Financial Capability Guarantee

  • Insurance

  • New investment

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