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Juniper Clean Surface Sanitizing Organic Pine Oil Wet Wipes

Juniper Clean Pine Safe Natural Surface Sanitizing Wet Wipes can clean and disinfects surfaces by killing 99.9 percent of germs on the surfaces without harming the environment and our health. Pine Safe Wet Wipes are perfect way of ecological sanitizing and cleaning with it's organic pine oil and vegan ingredients. Our special formula is derived from plants and fruit acids. Our wipes are made of bamboo and organic bamboo and wipes are biodegradable. Pine safe wipes are hypoallergenic and does not leave any chemical residue after cleaning surfaces, this means that you can clean places where your kids play, live ,and touch. Besides environmental and sanitizing effect, pine safe wipes are strong cleaner, removes dirt and grease perfectly. Our biodegradable pine safe wet wipes are textured for effective cleaning.

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Private Label Biodegradable and Organic Wet Wipes Manufacturer

Juniper Clean Pine Safe Wipes are organic and biodegradable. Our private label wet wipes manufacturer program are at your service for your private label ecologic surface sanitizing wet wipes . Our Juniper Clean Pine Safe Wipes are Vegan and Organic. You can contact us for wholesale wet wipes options and pine safe wet wipes.

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