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Hyper Heavy Duty Wet Wipes 35 Ct

Hyper Heavy Duty Wet Wipes are specially designed and developed against to the toughest dirt and messes on the surfaces and hands. Hyper Wipes are double sided texture for the toughest messes. Hyper Heavy Duty Wet Wipes effectively removes grease, oil, dirt, paint, ink, marker, scuff marks, lipstick, shoe polish and much more. Successfully derived formulation of wet wipes tough on the grime but gentle for hands. Fresh orange scent gives you natural cleaning feeling after cleaning your hands or the surfaces.

• Hyper Fast
• Hyper Gentle
• Hyper Useful
• Hyper Clean

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Private Label Hyper Heavy Duty Wet Wipes Manufacturer

We accommodate our services under two division, one of them is private label and the other one is wholesale. You can request to manufacture Private Label Heavy Duty Wet Wipes for your brand or choose to prefer our Juniper Clean branded wet wipes.

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